Bigblue-Gorgias App

This article explains how you can set up and configure the Bigblue x Gorgias Application.

Why this integration?

You can now connect Bigblue and Gorgias.

With this integration, you will be able to

  • improve your support team productivity
    • With direct access to order information like the status or tracking number in your Gorgias sidebar, you no longer need to switch back and forth between Bigblue and your support center
    • You have one-click access to the order and Support Requests with Bigblue
  • We alert you for Bigblue events via private tickets to help you be proactive
    • Incorrect addresses can be solved faster
    • You can contact every buyer who gave a bad rating on the delivery satisfaction survey for follow-up questions and care. With Gorgias rules, you can also automate the process.

How to install the integration?

  1. First, in your Gorgias app, click on Settings, and then "Integrations"
  2. Scroll down to the "Bigblue" app and click on the arrow on the right
  3. Click on "Connect App"
  4. Follow the installation process

You're all set 🕺

Widget - The Bigblue Widget in Gorgias

Once the integration is set up, the widget will naturally appear in your Gorgias sidebar.

💡 If you are a Shopify merchant, we have designed it to be complimentary with your Shopify widget.

Info in the widget
    - order id
    - order status
    - create time
    - shop
    for each fulfillment, each package, and each SKU in the order
    - product name
    - SKU
    - quantity
    for returns
    - tracking number
    - refund method
    - products in return
    - SKU
    - damaged mention
    for support requests
    - link
    - subject
    - last update time

You can optionally modify the widget info and layout by clicking on the ⚙️ button to
- Add or hide information
- Reorder the information or the widget among your other widgets

Alerts - what they are and how to configure

Why? We wanted to help you be proactive with your buyers. For Bigblue events that require you to contact your buyer, we push a draft ticket explaining the issue in your support tool so that you can reply in one click.

Alert types. We have 3 alerts activated by default

  • Order in Action Required
  • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — with comment
  • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — without comment

You can deactivate the alerts you do not want to receive in your Bigblue integration settings. Uncheck the alerts that do not interest you.

Create processes around alerts. We associate tags on Gorgias to the tickets we create for alerts. That way, using Gorgias Rules, for example, you can automate which agent is assigned or auto-reply to these tickets. Rules can be accessed through the Gorgias settings (in the Automation section).

Type Ticket Subject Tag
Order in Action Required "The order {order id} is blocked due to an invalid address or buyer contact data." bigblue-action-required
Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — with comment "The buyer {buyer name} has given a bad rating to the Delivery Satisfaction Survey" bigblue-bad-rating-with-comment
Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey — without comment "The buyer {buyer name} has given a bad rating to the Delivery Satisfaction Survey" bigblue-bad-rating-no-comment

Filter the shops for which you don't want to receive alerts or view widget data: in Bigblue, you can select the shops targeted by the integration. It is useful if you don't want to receive alerts for your B2B store in Gorgias, or whether you have multiple Gorgias and multiple shops for all the countries you deliver to.

Alerts - recommendations

Your team is free to define the process they want to solve the alerts. Here are a few advice and recommendations.

  • Address validation
    • If your support team can solve the issue themselves (incorrect postal code for example)
      • 💡 If you are a Shopify merchant
        • They can edit the address in Gorgias.
        • We advise to use the default Gorgias macro "Edit last order's shipping address".
      • Otherwise, you can edit the address in Bigblue and create your own macro.
    • If you cannot solve the issue (missing phone number)
      • Simply hit reply to the ticket created and explain the issue to the buyer
  • Negative answer on the Buyer Satisfaction Survey
    • Without comment
      • We recommend setting up a workflow and a macro to reply automatically asking for further details on what went wrong
    • With comment
      • We recommend answering them one by one and having the support agent review the buyer's comment carefully to respond directly to the buyer's issue
      • You can also send discount codes and transform a bad experience into a good one. Turn unhappy shoppers into brand advocates 🚀


Can I connect multiple Gorgias to the same Bigblue account?

Yes, you can just repeat the installation process for as many Gorgias accounts you have.

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