Follow the different steps of a return

There can be several reasons for the return of a package: delivery failure, expiration of the package claiming period, return created by a customer...

Learn how to follow the different steps of this return!

The order status helps you track the return

A return can have multiple statuses

  • Created : a return was created by the buyer or a user on the merchant app
  • Shipped / Transmitted : Return has been shipped and the parcel is transiting We switch the return to Transmitted when the return information and content has been shared with warehouse.
  • Reviewed : the order has been returned, controlled at warehouse and put back in stock or classified as damaged.

In between, the return shipment status will give you updates on the shipment (see below).

Follow the return shipment

How can I check the return of an order directly from the order page?

When an order is Returning or Returned, it will appear in the header and Return card of the order page.

The status change will also appear in the Timeline at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on the Tracking number, you can find more details, including the different return shipment events.

You can also click on the Tracking URL to access the carrier's tracking page for more information on the return shipment.

How can I be notified of a returning or returned order?

By setting up Slack and email and browser notifications for each time a return is created

How can I filter returning or returned orders?

You can use the order status filter in the order list to filter out Returning/Returned orders.

How can I differentiate a carrier return from a customer return?

When a buyer or a merchant creates a return, it will appear this way on the timeline :

Follow the product storage at warehouse

Once the products arrive at the warehouse, they have to pass quality control.

If the products are not damaged and the quantity matches the expected quantity, they will be put back in stock.

Note : A damaged product is a product that cannot be sold anymore as it is.

Damaged products are stored separately and can be shipped back to you or destroyed, depending on your instructions upon request to our support team.

Once reviewed at warehouse, you will see the return control result in the return card. For each product:

  • The ℹ column indicates the expected quantity.
  • The ✔️ column indicates the quantity of received products that was of good quality.
  • The ⚠︎ column indicates the quantity of received products that was damaged.

If the return was created from the Returns portal, you can see the reasons for which the products were returned.

Once the return is reviewed, the order switches to Returned.

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